Mckinley Gross

Mckinley is a preacher's kid.His father was both a pastor and a preacher for many years. Mckinley learned or found he was spiritually gifted to write song lyrics. He really loves to write songs. With the accompaniment of a gifted pianist, Mckinley has sang his songs at a local church and with the anointing of God most of the congregation has enjoyed his songs and been blessed

There are many eternal rewards a Christian can look forward to. 1st and most greatest reward is to behold the face of God forever. I personally can't wait . Secondly we'll get a new body like the angels have.No more sickness, no more tears or pain and a forgetting of this life after a season as we develop a new eternal life. Won't it be wonderful? I would encourage all people to get an eternal vision of a life in the presence of our God.
Every person, so minded needs to have a rich prayer life. We need to go to God in prayer, first praising him for our everyday blessings and for others in our circle of influence. I was taught to stay prayed up, and to pray without ceasing.
Tells the truth about how much God loves us. How he allows trials and temptations to come against us in order to test us.And how gracious he is to provide a way of escape.
Song details our failures and mistakes and our ability to be forgiven because of God's grace and mercy and his desire for us to keep going until we make heaven our home through and by his in dwelling spirit.
This song is about the choices we can make when it comes to serving God. It shows a microcosm of the good choices we can make or the bad decisions we can make.