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Kriegspiel is basically a German style chess game with some different variations. Mainly the fact that you can see your own pieces but not your opponents and that you need a third party to referee the game. It's similar to Battleship for Americans. I got the idea after playing the game one night with a few friends while drinking a little too much. It was then my mind started racing about this relationship I was not happy with. As for the song it's basically a chess game of psychology, lust and sex between myself and a former partner. I think of it as quite a sexy song with thrills and spills.
A happy love song. Performed with a little swing in the rhythm, when you get to the chorus. The tone is also happy. Though it repeats a lot, it still should perform well.
This is a light slow(er) played song, to be played with a sufficient amount of emotion. This song is a love song and at the end it can be played like a duet (last verse) or as a person telling a story.
Song about people and the things they may say