Isha Dey

Isha Dey is a young lyricist who started writing at the age of seven. She writes books, poetry, spoken word poetry, children rhymes and songs, though there's not been a chance to publish these. Isha is a great music lover. She writes her lyrics and songs in different styles and genres, Gospel mostly. Her works elicit creativity aesthetically.


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Comforting lyrics or song to console a (hurt) loved one. I also tried mixing little French, Spanish and German in the chorus and the brigde.
The hope of feeling or getting closer a long distance relationship.
God is so good. His plans for us are amazing and outstanding as He keeps writing us. We are forever indebted. But He's glad when we worship Him. A beautiful worship song.
A heartbreak song. Nostalgia
A Gospel rap describing who God is and how great He is. And also how special we are to Him.