Erika Poling

Erika is very introspective and poetic; while still maintaining a pragmatic approach in her writing. Her lyrics are not forced and she includes words that encapsulate vivid images and rhythms. She is more of a "natural" talent, who focused her early interests on sports, art, and academia; however; she was raised with classically trained musician brothers---and they full heartedly support her creative change in direction. With minimal warmup, she can hit the notes G3-F6---and after warming up fully---she can add the notes as low as D3 and as high as A6. She is potential at its finest. Her lyrics reflect someone young with an old soul.


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Moonbow; (n.) a rainbow caused by the reflection and retraction of light from the moon (or a rainbow produced by moonlight rather than direct sunlight)
*Anti-apple joke* "Did you fall from Heaven because so did Satan...."
It's the anticipation.
Some say time is fluid. We aren't the most solid, but I'm okay if I'm melting with you.