Erika Poling

Erika is very introspective and poetic; while still maintaining a pragmatic approach in her writing. Her lyrics are not forced and she includes words that encapsulate vivid images and rhythms. She is more of a "natural" talent, who focused her early interests on sports, art, and academia; however; she was raised with classically trained musician brothers---and they full heartedly support her creative change in direction. With minimal warmup, she can hit the notes G3-F6---and after warming up fully---she can add the notes as low as D3 and as high as A6. She is potential at its finest. Her lyrics reflect someone young with an old soul.


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What's so bad about black lipstick? This song might throw shade at it.
Amber gold (often confused for hazel) inspired the lyrics and melody. *open for interpretation* It means whatever the reader understands, if that makes sense.
How I created the song/lyrics: The first verse starts out lower and works it's way up to a soprano C or higher (one-sided). The pre-chorus is higher pitched also. But then, the chorus switches to a melody similar to "Heavy Cross," by the band Gossip. The second verse is similar in pitch (high) to the second part of the first verse; but the second part of the second verse (starting with "Oh, my violet sky") is a lower pitch like the first part of the first verse. I think incorporating a "Billie Eilish" whisper style with a lower, stronger, and harder style-- it would really bring out the meaning of the song and make it more artistic.
I wrote this after attending past-life regression therapy. I have a scientific and artistic mind so I discovered a psychological alternative in combination with my current psychiatrist's perspective. I wanted an answer a little more thorough and artistic than science; and I found the answers to the questions asked by the creative aspects of my personality.