Erika Poling

Erika is very introspective and poetic; while still maintaining a pragmatic approach in her writing. Her lyrics are not forced and she includes words that encapsulate vivid images and rhythms. She is more of a "natural" talent, who focused her early interests on sports, art, and academia; however; she was raised with classically trained musician brothers---and they full heartedly support her creative change in direction. With minimal warmup, she can hit the notes G3-F6---and after warming up fully---she can add the notes as low as D3 and as high as A6. She is potential at its finest. Her lyrics reflect someone young with an old soul.


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Hollywood relationships will use you to lose you.
"A deep purplish blue derived from cobalt, mazarine falls somewhere between hyacinth, sapphire and cyanine. Historically, this distinctive colour has been associated with textiles (particularly academic dress) and ceramics, but how or why it came to be known as mazarine is up for debate with two etymologies often cited (Ward, 2015)." Reference:
Truth or Dare? How about I dare you to tell the truth?
Veins like wires to plug my heart in.. I need that electric kind of love.